Physics Lab

“Learning by doing and observation” is the foundation on which the Physics lab of UPS school stands. A well equipped with all the latest optical and electrical apparatus. About 25 students can perform the practical at a time. The lab fulfills various integral aspects of learning i.e. Theatrical data & observation.

Chemistry Lab

The lab is properly lit, ventilated and well equipped with the capacity of 32 students to work together. Proper stock of borosil glassware and digital balance along with all the necessary chemicals & apparatus.

Biology Lab

The lab with ample space for 35 students to work at a time, a well illuminated, ventilated & fully equipped with computer. The lab facilitates the preparation of projects, which helps & guides the students to keep abreast of the latest research and development in this millennium. The lab also facilitates the students to experiment with food components, thereby enriching their knowledge.