Classes I to X will follow C.B.S.E pattern.
• Three periodic tests (weightage 20 marks) including Written exam, Subject enrichment, Home-work and Class-work.
• Best two periodic test marks will be added in the final result.
• Annual Examination (80 marks)

Classes XI to XII
• Two Unit tests
• Half - yearly Examination
• Annual / Pre-board Examination

Health and Physical Education

Motivation is what passion needs in order to give birth to success.
Physical education forms an integral part of our education system. Its importance for us encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. Our team of skilled physical trainers and coaches offer expert training and guidance to our young learners and prepare them not just for activities and competitions but for a healthy life.

Outdoor Sports
• Swimming
• Trekking & Camping
• Horse Riding
• Basket Ball
• Cricket
• Volley Ball
• Skating

Indoor Sports
• Badminton
• Table Tennis
• Chess
• Aerobics
• Judo Karate
• Cubs & Bulbul
• Yoga

Other Activities
• Vocal & Instrumental Music
• Western Music
• Classical & Folk Dance
• Art & Craft
• Dramatics