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Ms. Monita Gopal

Gautam Buddha said " Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single   candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."

Young children are spontaneous and inhibited. They greet the world with a sense of wonder that is childhood's sweetest pleasure. They follow their own span of growth and learning.To push them to expected goals of the parents, to be achieved at their expected time can be shattering.
Our objective should be to lead a good life and contribute effectively in our chosen profession to the satisfaction of self and everyone else.
Parents want achievers with intellect of a genius, interest of a scholar, ninety-hundred percent marks as well as get them expected job. We must accept the children as they are and give them the security of love, good exposure, encouraging learning environment and not indulgence in full bloom and this remains the motto of our school.
At UPS all activities within the classroom or outside aim at nurturing creativity, fostering observation, inquiry and critical reflection, building confidence and self-esteem, shaping character and inculcating abiding values of tolerance and compassion, and appreciating diversity and internationalism.

Four levels in our life

Education helps a person achieve the goals of handsome earnings, various comforts of life, peace by sticking to the right path.
One desires pleasure, satisfaction. The family expects cooperation in accordance with his capacity and needs. The most important need of the family is love and affection in addition to the need for interation and contacts.
The aim of the educated person should be to work for the welfare and growth of the society.
A well educated person performs his duties in a perfect manner through his truthfullness and hardwork and therby contribute towards the growth of self and the nation as a whole.

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